Said Sadiq Grain Silos

Said Sadiq Grain Silos


Location: SAID SADIQ

Started: 2014

Completed: 2015

Hiwa Rauf for Investment and Development (HRID) constructed a $12 million grain silo facility in Said Sadiq, to replace the old Slemani Grain Silo that was demolished on the 02/02/2018 (where HRID’s new Downtown Development will be located).

HRID hired the German specialists Petkus Technology to design, supply and install the components of the project. The Said Sadiq Grain Silos, was completed within a year from its start date.

The new grain silo facility, which was completed in June 2015, has an area of 6,700 sqm and consists of 12 fully operational silos with a total capacity of 40,000 tons. The Grain Silos service two governorates, Slemani and Halabja.