Downtown is Hiwa Rauf for Investment and Development’s (HRID) flagship investment project. It will be located at the 65,000m2 former site of the old Slemani Grain Silo, a prime location at the entrance of the Slemani-Kirkuk Road.

The project will be a mixed-use development, consisting of residential towers, commercial spaces, a hotel, a shopping center, in addition to an entertainment and amusement center. HRID will create public parks surrounding the compound.

The initial idea of the complex was initiated by our in-house team. The aim was to offer the people of Slemani a higher standard of residential space with modern amenities and conveniences all in one place. The project is under design development by international architectural consultants.

The old grain Silo was demolished on the 02/02/2018. Currently the site is undergoing preparation for the start of the investment project.